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There’s a weird edge case to using Large Language Models (LLMs) trained by humans that I’ve seen come up in Google’s reCAPTCHA: Sometimes it identifies an object that resembles the one they think it is, but it’s not actually the one they think it is. Here’s an example: I’ve seen a few reCAPTCHAs come up like this with one of those motorbikes that aren’t quite a full motorcycle (so they look bicycle-ish), but they are definitely NOT a bicycle....

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All is new (again).

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I really didn’t care for coffee until my 20s. I can’t recall whether or not I had had any prior to that, but I now realize that I didn’t really have any after that either; It was mostly just milk and sugar. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I enjoyed a cup of black coffee. I love the taste of coffee, which is why I drown each and every cup with milk and sugar....

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It’s not at all uncommon to open a code repo and find the following commit messages: version bump fixed a bug this works now These are fine commit messages, but only for one person and at one point in time: the committer and the 5-minute period following the creation of the commit. ...

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